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  800. “super-violent book about 1920′s bootleggers.”How DARE you try to get me interested in a book! But the bigger question – are the bootleggers vampires? zombies? Give me something man.

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  802. Ha, ice flow nowhere to go! I LOVE the Mighty Boosh, it’s the funniest thing ever!Glad to say I’m feeling better, and the weather is cheering up here. Summer time camping is so close, I can feel it!

  803. posso diventare tua amika mi sei simpatica. cmq il video è carino ed è un ‘idea molto originaleP.S. magari facessimo un video tutte insieme sarebbe fantasico P.P.S.nn vedo l’ora di vedere il video di kiss you

  804. much of the Forbesian prescription involves skewing the labor market to the disadvantage of workers, no doubt about it, under the cover of “right to work” and other free-contract libertarianisms. As long as the worker is reduced to an isolated atom, then he can “freely” enter into a contract with the employer atom who just happens to have more capital. Why exactly the worker atoms shouldn’t be free to form their own elements and compounds with each other via socially autonomous self-governance (unions, government, and other associations) is never fully explained.

  805. Yo compré una la pasada semana para regalo y debo decir que para mi es demasiado tosca, tiene muy pocas opciones -incluso para el público al que va dirigido- y es demasiado grande. Aunque eso sí, es muy barata.

  806. That’s a crackerjack answer to an interesting question

  807. this and I totally didn’t pay attention) is usually best to place images, particularly of faces on the right side of the text. The reason I understand it works is because we, in the western world, read from right to left, and when we see an image on the right of the text, our eyes may be attracted to the image quicker than the text, but our brain will more likely acknowledge the text because it was scanned by the eyes while they made it over to the image. Have you heard this? Do you know of any studies or tests of this?Thanks again for backing me up and spelling this out so well!

  808. At the extreme high end, we surely want to let in, say, world class scientists who want to come to America. –NOTAIt was just as easy for those to get in under the Harding and Coolidge laws as under the Johnson laws. Ever heard of Wernher von Braun? Albert Einstein? An Wang? Andy Grove?

  809. Leila, great advice! I’m wondering if you would address this related issue — should we